This year nothing’s quite the same, yet we feel blessed to be able to gather with you against all odds to enjoy a weekend of fun in the sun, dancing to a brilliant roster of artists at Bergheider See. Still, this extraordinary situation requires additional thought and we kindly ask you to read all information below with care.

For contact-tracing reasons and due to changes in regulations by the authorities, all tickets must be personalized correctly to match your ID info. Some of you will have received an email from us with a request to re-personalize your e-tickets because of missing details. Please make sure to check your inbox/ spam and re-personalize your tickets now, as old, incorrectly personalized tickets are invalid and entry won’t be possible without the correct contact information. Next week, all of you will receive their personalized e-ticket again automatically. In case of questions, please email us via tickets@akashafestival.de

We are creating a safety bubble at Akasha and need your help. While the authorities are yet to approve final points in our hygiene concept due to the last-minute move, here are some important facts for you to plan ahead with. Please follow the below carefully when you’re at Akasha.

Regardless of your vaccination or recovery status, everyone has to present a negative, medically certified antigen-test (Bürgertest), valid of that day, upon check-in at the festival.You can take this antigen test free of charge on-site when you arrive, but we encourage you to use our partner testing centre Testzentrum Berlin-Mitte at Molkenmarkt 2 in 10179 Berlin just before you travel to Akasha to minimize the risk of infecting anyone en route. All Bassliner shuttle users will also be tested before setting off from Berlin.Additionally, we encourage you to use your Bürgertest option in the days prior and test daily. Please do not travel to Bergheider See if you test positive, feel ill or develop any of the known Covid-related symptoms.

During the event, guests without full vaccination or proof of recent recovery will need to take a test every 24 hours at our on-site testing centre. These antigen tests are free of charge, of course. Simply head over to the centre for a test if the chip of your wristband flags you at the bar or entry point. After 20 minutes the result will be uploaded to your wristband’s chip and then you’re good to go for the next 24 hours. It’s quick and easy.Please note that in case of a positive test result during the event, travel from site is at one’s own arrangement and expense.

If you are fully vaccinated or recently recovered, a daily test won’t be required. You will only need to do or show your negative Bürgertest upon the initial check-in. You will be able to upload your status to your wristband prior to the festival, but we ask you to bring proof of vaccination status or recent recovery regardless.
We dearly hope that many of you will have had the chance to get vaccinated and strongly encourage everyone to get a vaccination, regardless of the timeframe of our festival.

We are yet to receive final word on how the authorities want us to implement masks on our floors in light of our testing scheme and open-air setting. Please definitely wear a mask if you are ordering at the bars and food stalls or are queuing at our bathrooms, testing or entry point. So make sure to bring a few FFP2 masks along, change them regularly and please respect the rules once on site. We’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Regardless of our safety bubble concept and extensive testing scheme, a risk remains. If we all take good care though, we can minimize it further. So please look out for one another, act mindfully and respect other people’s boundaries and space. Have fun and make new friends, but stay present and be thoughtful. It’s a group effort and the only way forward. Feel free to approach our Awareness Teams in case of concerns and please head to the medical tent or testing centre if you develop any symptoms during the festival. They’re always there to help.

For hygiene reasons we are minimizing the use of cash at Akasha. Your festival wristband – which you’ll receive upon entry – will include a chip with your testing / vaccination / recovery status and can be topped up with credit prior to or at the festival using card or cash. The wristband will be scanned throughout the weekend at re-entry as well as at the bars and food stalls during payment as part of our safety measures. We’ll be sharing a link to our pre-top-up system in the coming days – here you’ll also be able to upload your vaccination or recovery status in advance to speed up your check-in.

Please make sure to wash or disinfect your hands regularly. You can find Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, which is organic and fully biodegradable, at our wash / water stations and at the bathrooms. Disinfectant will be available all over the place but it’s still good to bring your own little stash for the many hands up moments throughout the weekend.

The above is subject-to-change depending on local authorities or broader policies. Feel free to hit us up via support@akashafestival.de in case of any questions. Thanks for taking the time to read the above and evermore thanks for helping us out throughout next weekend.

Freedom isn’t just what we do, it’s a mindset built on love and respect. Elevate each other – together.