Akasha Festival 2021 will take place here: 

51°46’22.0 N 14°09’08.8 E
Alte Wassermühle 
Vorwerk 2 
03099 Kolkwitz 

You can reach us by car, Bassliner bus shuttle from Berlin or by to Bahnhof Vetschau.


In light of recent developments related to the Covid-19 crisis, we will unfortunately not be reunited in Kolkwitz this summer and are postponing Akasha Festival to 13-15 August 2021. Onwards and upwards…  


Please reach out to for all ticket related matters, such as payment, change of address, number of tickets etc.

Local residents from the sorrounding towns of Milkersdorf, Krieschow und Eichow will have free entry to Akasha Festival 2020 upon showing their ID cards. 

Fear not incase your tickets don’t arrive. Each ticket can be assigned to the order made by a specific person based on the ticket ID. If your ticket has not arrived, please write us via The lost tickets will then be marked as invalid and your new tickets will make their way to you.

Our Akasha Festival tickets will not be personalized. 

Please note we can only guarantee the authenticity and validity for tickets that have been purchased directly through our website.

As part of our Covid-19 related reschedule, your purchased tickets for Akasha 2020 will automatically remain valid for Akasha 2021. We dearly hope you’ll choose to support us by holding on to your tickets, as this will help us immensely moving forward to next year. However, we understand that you might be struggling financially yourself – so if you wish to refund your ticket, please get in touch with us via

The commercial resale of tickets is stricly prohibited. If you need to sell your ticket, please use a secure platform such as Ticketswap.


Our Akasha Festival location has uneven ground consisting of grass, sand and wood, which is difficult to manouver in a wheelchair. Therefore accessibility for wheelchair users is only partially given. If you require an accompanying person with free entry, please state so and verify with your disability card marked with a ‚B’. There will be adapted toilets on the festival site. 

If you plan to BBQ at the campsite, please make sure to only use the declared BBQareas to reduce the risk of forest fires. 

Our shuttle service from and to Berlin, operated by our friends at Bassliner, is available for bookings soon.

You will receive access to the campsite with your valid festival ticket. Please only pitch your tents and enjoy your own food and drinks here. Note that glass bottles and containers are prohibited. The use of BBQ is only allowed in the designated BBQ areas due to the danger of forest fires. Please take care to keep the campsite clean and treat the beautiful surrounding nature with respect. Cigarette butts are rubbish too and cause forest fires. Please use a pocket ashtray or the next bin to dispose of your butts! The campsite is a retreat where you can breathe and relax. Be considerate of your neighbours, be nice to each other and leave your sound systems at home – there’s plenty of music to be heard throughout the weekend. 

As much as we love the little ones, children will not be able to attend Akasha Festival this year, even if they are accompanied by their guardians. So please organise a babysitter for the weekend. Entry only over the age of 18 years. 

Please don’t bring confetti: it isn’t biodegradable and literally impossible to clean-up.

Please leave your dogs (and other pets) at home. A festival is not the right setting for them. Do your loved ones a favour and leave them with friends or family. 

The dealing or use of illegal drugs is prohibited on the festival premises. Anyone caught dealing drugs will immediately have to leave the festival grounds and will be reported to the police. If you or someone around you is feeling unwell due to drug use, please contact the nearest member of staff or go to the medical tent for help.

Minors under the age of 18 years will not be granted entry to the festival area. Please note that you may be checked at the entrance. We strongly advise you to take an official and valid ID card or passport with you. Student cards or similar unofficial documents will not be accepted and may result in non-admittance. 

…means having fun and making friends with the people around you. Look after each other and each other’s belongings and provide help if needed. Criminal assault, discrimination and malicious mischief will not be tolerated and offenders risk the eviction from the festival and handing-over to the police. Thanks for being respectful.  

As romantic as they might seem, open fires such as bonfires or BBQ outside the BBQ areas are highly dangerous and therefore strictly prohibited. The same applies to Chinese lanterns. Both the festival grounds and campsite are located near a forest, with a high risk of forest fires during the summer months. In case of a fire, please contact any staff member immediately, even if the fire has been controlled and since put out by you.

There will be a first aid post on site with paramedics who will be looking after festival goers. Don’t hesitate to address them if you or another person is in need of help. Take care of yourselves and each other. 


Food will include and primarily if not exclsusively focus on delicious vegan and vegetarian options. All kinds of drinks will be available at our various bars. All meat products in the catering sector must feature the EU organic label. Please leave your own food and drink at the camp site when you enter the festival grounds. 

As broken glass poses an exceedingly high risk of injury for us and all wildlife, glass containers of any kind are prohibited on both the festival grounds and campsite. 

Please pay attention to nature and leave the campsite the way you found it when you first arrived. You can take your garbage and unneeded tents to the containers on site.

Our line-up and all artist info can be found on our website at URL, as well as in our programme leaflet during at the festival. The running order will be announced on site.  

Found something? Lost something? The lost-and-found office will be located at the Späti. Please hand in any found valuables. If you’re missing something, check here or contact us after the festival via 

Our campsite will open on Friday at 2pm and will stay open until Monday 12am. The music runs from Friday 6pm until Sunday 10pm. 

Photographing with non-professional equipment (regular analogue and digital as well as mobile phone cameras) is allowed. Cameras with interchangeable lenses, such as SLR cameras, are not allowed. Filming is generally prohibited. Please respect the privacy of other festival attendees.
No glass containers or weapons of any are permitted. No animals, sofas, generators, electric refrigerators, any kind of bulky waste, drugs, gas containers >450 grams, car batteries, explosive substances, unauthorised fireworks, sound systems, vuvuzelas, compressor sirens, megaphones, PA-systems or firewood will be allowed on site. No unconstitutional or discriminatory flags, banners, stickers or patches are. Contact security or a staff memeber if you see any wrongdoing.Don’t use a gas container if it is damaged or in poor condition. Make sure it is safe to use and meets the requirements of the german DIN norm before using it. Wilful destruction of trees and groves shall be prosecuted.

If you want to listen to music, you can always go check out one of our floors. The campground, on the other hand, offers a retreat for our guests to sleep and relax. Please respect this, be considerate and do not bring your own sound systems with you.

You forgot your toothbrush or are in dire need of condoms? Our Späti has you covered:  from cigarettes to snacks and other useful stuff, we cater for lots of items you may have forgotten to bring.

In case of severe weather please leave the festival site and water at once. Avoid the forest, tents and pavilions. We strongly advise seeking shelter in a car until the thunderstorm has passed. 

Numerous supermarkets can be found in nearby Kolkwitz.

You can re-fill your bottles for free at the water station located in the bathroom area – day and night. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Upon entry, your valid ticket will be exchanged for an Akasha Festival wristband. The wristband is non-transferable, with checks are carried out on site. If your wristband is damaged, please contact the info point. Lost wristbands will not be replaced and attendees without valid wristbands must leave the premises.

Please only bring what you can afford to lose, look after your own and your friends’ belongings and store everything safely on your body or in your car. Unfortunately we cannot offer lockers.