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GAS exists beyond the world of solids. It fills the air, is light, as the distance between molecules is large. It is not easily graspable in its subtlety, leaving room for interpretation. Gas invites you to discover ambient, off the dance floor, to relax and replenish yourselves.


LIQUID is mobile in its structure, yet gentle in its pull. Flowing freely, its molecules possess the energy to move relative to one another, like an endless dance. Liquid tempts you to get carried away in its lively stream, rippling with organic percussion and fluid melodies.


PLASMA is electrically conductive, ever-moving. It produces currents, not immediately obvious, but impossible to resist in their sheer power and scope. Plasma asks for your bodies to respond to its force, it moves you by way of its futuristic machine rhythm.


SOLID presents itself as a definitive shape. Made up of molecules tightly packed together to form the coherent whole, it stands for a strong force between its individual entities. Solid urges you to experience the bond encapsulated by a diverse range of live performances.